This a a fascinating story about a generous humanitarian, and a lovely Southern lady - June Curry of Afton, Virginia.

It was written by her cousin-in-law, Bev Haven, based on interviews with June and self-published in book form in 1996. The book is currently out of print, which is a real shame because June has so many interesting personal and biking stories to tell. Those who are fortunate enough to spend time with her are treated to hours of good old-fashioned story telling that we don’t get to hear much of nowadays.

The Cookie Lady of Afton, Virginia is being published here by permission of the author so that June’s stories can be made widely available. This is a verbatim copy except for a few typo corrections and web formatting. NOTE: About half of the pictures were scanned from the original prints, but the other half were scanned from the book. While these are of lower quality, they are included here for their historic value. 


Chapter I: By the side of the road

Chapter II: BikeCentennial

Chapter III: In the Beginning

Chapter IV: The Bike House - 1977

Chapter V: Flow Gently Sweet Afton

Chapter VI: To the End of the 1970’s

Chapter VII: Harold Haven

Chapter VIII: On the Road

Chapter IX: PM Magazine

Chapter X: Meet the Bikers

Chapter XI: 1980 - 1985

Chapter XII: Bio of Bikers

Chapter XIII: 1985 - 1990

Chapter XIV: June Curry

Chapter XV: 1991 to 1996

Chapter XVI: The Bike House Today

Chapter XVII: The Future

Addendum (Content that was not in the book)

A Tour of the Bike House

Move on to Chapter I

I’m thinking of adding to the Addendum section to cover the period after the publication of this book, to include items such as June’s 2003 Trail Angel award. If you have a story you’d like to share about June, please email to where aaa = ‘cookielady’, bbb = 'majka', and cc = 'us'. (I’m not spelling out the address to - hopefully - foil email harvesting by spammers.)

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